Starting as a family company

Jan Hercek started JHk Software company as a "one man business" in 1989. During the first years JHk Software focused on company information systems and company finance control systems. Together with his brothers, who joined the company later, they learned how to design, develop and deploy software and were continuously improving the software development and maintenance process.

The company developed proprietary unified modules to deliver customized ERP software to more customers. JHk Software was using similar software development techniques to optimize development costs and company profit.

Growing and getting more reliable

In 1999 the company got a chance to make a business also with an international technology company in the field of electrical test and measurement instruments (LEM in Austria). This was a good opportunity to learn an international cooperation on the software/hardware projects. In 2017 the company moved back to Slovakia as a limited liability company.

While cooperating with the first partner from abroad JHk Software was building a reputation of a reliable partner and in 2004 more IT professionals from Slovakia were contracted. At that time JHk Software cooperated with LEM subsidiaries and partners from Austria, Belgium, Great Britain and Columbia.

Acquiring more customers

As a next step the company decided to extend portfolio of international customers. Using contacts in technology companies and thanks to a good reputation of JHk Software professionals the company was able to start cooperation with new customers in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and United States.

At the end of the year 2016 JHk Software employed 13 IT specialists and provided software development and testing services for 5 international customers.